Pick of the week: Eagulls – ‘Nerve Endings’

imagesIf you’ve heard of Eagulls, then you will no doubt have heard of ‘Nerve Endings’, the track with which the band won their award for best video at the NME awards 2014. The fact that this record is officially released today pales into insignificance against the multitude of Youtube hits this track has had already, plus the accolades that Eagulls have been receiving from all the music moguls who matter affirm their position on the ‘up and coming’ list.

However, to ignore the fact that a track as sterling and sublime as ‘Nerve Endings’ today sails into the stormy and turbulent seas that is the UK charts would be a sin. It is a frankly outstanding number.

It opens with abrasive guitars and pounding drum beats, which, when paired with the acidic vocals of George Mitchell (no, MITCHELL!), make this a highly likable record which falls somewhere between The Enemy and Enter Shikari. That may sound like an insurmountable difference in musical style, but the shouty and megaphone-esque vocals feel like a homage to bands that were a bit shit around 10 years ago, whilst the grungy and straight forward musical accompaniment brings it bang up to date, and it is shit-hot.

Amidst the plethora of music in major keys, with wibbly-wobbly musical accompaniment and vocals that melt like butter, this track is quite simply a breath of fresh (if not cigarette and whisky soured) air, that stands out for all the right reasons.


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