Pick of the week: Villagers – ‘Occupy Your Mind’

villagersAlthough ‘Occupy Your Mind’ is a track that’s been around for a while, today marked the official release of Villagers’ latest offering, and boy, is it a treat.

‘Occupy Your Mind’ is a track with a name that sums up the record perfectly. In fact, it is so aptly named that Miley Cyrus might be given a run for her money with regard to titles that state the bleeding obvious (although Ms Cryrus’ album Bangerz is probably nowhere near as ‘bangin’ as this track). But unlike Miley, Villagers haven’t overstated the mark here. They are not egotistical or idiotic – ‘Occupy Your Mind’ is simply descriptive, as it is exactly what this number will do, although not in the way you might think. It is an assault on the ears (and the eyes too, if you watch the totally trippy vid that comes with it), so it is less something to keep you occupied, but a military occupation, invading your eardrums and filling the mind with a cacophony of psychedelic and groovy noise.

The silky and smooth sound that Villagers have become synonymous with is the whole way through, but it is somehow much more 80s and much more, well, cool. The repetitive and pulsing synth is an excellent backdrop to Conor O’Brien‘s vocals which interweave with uncomfortable perfection. It’s also perhaps more abrasive than we are used to, which is no bad thing, as this makes this track something of a disco tapestry, a hotch potch of styles that can’t possibly work, but do.

Check it out – it’s a grower!



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