VIDEO: Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘Feel’

timthumbBombay Bicycle Club release video to ‘Feel’.

As the fourth single from Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest album So Long, See You Tomorrow, it’s not doubt many fans will have played (or skipped) this song to death. But when a band releases a video to accompany even the most well known of numbers, it has a funny way of morphing our original perception of the track.

In this case, the release of the video turns a rather mellow, pleasant and ambient track into something quite different. Taking inspiration from a Bollywood Wedding and pairing it with an almost cabaret-esque dance number, this video an absolute musical and visual feast. It makes the track seem somehow silkier, sillier and more sensual, whilst shifting the musical gear into third or fourth. What I also like about this video is the fact that it has a clear story – yes it may be tenuously linked to the topic of the song, but by the end you are rooting for the couple who seemingly meet and fall in love at a friend’s wedding. That, paired with the friends and relatives singing the Bombay’s lyrics whilst sat in the stairs, makes this a lighthearted and happy go lucky offering from the quartet.

Have a watch – it may just change your mind about this song (and make your day)




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