Pick of the week: Marmozets’ ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’

marmozets600newIf you’ve not heard of Marmozets before, that can only mean one of two things. 1) You’ve been living under a rock or 2) You’re not a Zane Lowe disciple (or indeed, both).

Media moguls and music madmen alike have been singing this band’s praises since their early formation in 2011. The quartet, who are made up of the Macintyre’s (vocals and drums) and the Bottomleys (the rest), have a particular penchant for punchy guitar riffs with sweetly acidic vocals, but this has not been the reason for their growing number of fanatic followers. They’ve been around a fair bit, playing a plethora of music festivals and support slots since formation, and it is their live shows, ranging from the chaotic to the just bizarre, that has given them such a stellar reputation.

However, their new record ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ is a tune sure to get many toes tapping, and demonstrates another reason why Marmozets are getting support left, right and centre.

Opening with a syncopated guitar riff that screams of a band with more experience, the track blasts through the speakers with a bang. This never really relents throughout the track, but is paired with Becca Macintyre’s vocals that are as astringent as white spirit. It is a fast paced number that charges along like a wild dog, and never gives the listener time to breathe, but that is part of the track’s appeal.

As a whole, as you might expect, the track is moody and angry, so much so that the vocals are, at times, reminiscent of a toddler’s tantrum. However, that is the point. Anyone who expected anything else from a track with the title as whiny as a teenager would have been deluded. In fact, it feels almost ironic and tongue in cheek. The video involves Macintyre screeching the vocals down a 1980s telephone, and the answer to the question ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ is answered load and clear.

With their debut album due this year, the hype has never been higher for Marmozets, and new single ‘Why Do You Hate Me?’ will only serve to bolster this hype – it is a corker.

Take a listen:



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